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Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction:

We use the time proven “Hot Water Extraction” method for carpet cleaning.

Our advanced technology "Ninja" machines contain 11-gallon solution and recovery tanks, 200-PSI dual water jets, 200° F internal in-line heater and Dual 2 stage vacuums.

The 200-PSI water jets backed with a constant 200°F hot water ensures deep down soil & dirt removal.

The vacuums with a 150" water lift extract maximum water out of the carpet. This ensures that your carpets dry faster.

Pre Spray:

We pre-spray your carpets with an advanced powerful traffic lane cleaner.

The pre-spray is aggressive on heavily soiled conditions of grease, soil, and food. It loosens up the dirt & soil bonded to your carpet.

The pre-spray process ensures soil removal from deep inside your carpet. Our professional, top-notch service guarantees “Deep Cleaning” of your carpets.

In the old day’s carpet cleaners used a shampoo process to clean carpets. This not only left soil-attracting residue in the carpet, but even the deeper soil remained in the carpet. These two factors cause carpets to resoil quickly.

This condition also occurs when underpowered hot water extraction systems use too much detergent to make up for their lack of cleaning power.

We has hence evolved to using top quality machines and the pre spray process. They clean more deeply while leaving much less residue allowing carpets to stay cleaner longer.

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Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer:

We pride ourselves by going an extra mile by using the "FIBER & FABRIC RINSE" cleaner.

This cleaner helps prevent the "cellulosic browning".

This solution neutralizes the alkaline cleaners and pre-spotters used earlier. This helps brighten your faded synthetic fibers.

It also conditions & softens the carpet fibers increasing the life of your carpets.


Our super concentrate “Water Soluble Deodorizer” eliminates unpleasant odors at the source.

cleans and deodorizes the carpets, leaving your carpets permeating with a wonderful fragrance

Our unbelievable “RID’Z ODOR” deodorizer effectively neutralizes malodors through molecular bonding.

It continues its work even long after the initial fragrance has dissipated.

Allergies & Dust Mites:

We specialize in eradicating problems related to Dust mites & other allergens.

We unique “3D” process ensures an environment cleared out of the dust, the dust mites and their eggs.

“Dry Vacuum”: Our powerful “Ninja” machine’s dual 2-stage vacuum process dry-cleans all your bedding, upholstery and draperies. This ensures a dust free environment ensuring top-notch “Deep Cleaning” results.

“Deep Cleaning”: Our deep cleaning process prevents dust mites reproduction. Hot water @200ºF & 200 PSI pressure sprayed on the surface kills many germs and serves as a disinfecting agent.

“Dust Mite Anti-Allergen spray”: Our goal “Provide a Sanitized Environment” is the single most important solution to reducing allergy problems. We post treat carpets upholstery and rugs with a high-end aqueous Anti-Allergen solution. The spray application provides anti-allergen performance for 6 months.