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Rug Cleaning

It is highly recommended that rugs be cleaned in a workshop / plant setting. It would ensure rugs are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized & restored to their original looks.

When cleaned off-site in our work shop, we deploy a "7 step process" to clean your rugs:

Phase 1 - The first stage of the rug cleaning process is to vacuum the rugs and have all the dust removed.

Phase 2 - In the second stage of cleaning, the rugs are washed down, and the fringes are given special attention.

Phase 3 - The third cleaning stage consists of thoroughly cleaning through the rug, not just on the surface, but all the way through the rug.

Phase 4 - The soap is then removed from the rugs, along with whatever dirt has accumulated from the rugs usage from its last cleaning.

Phase 5 - An additional water vacuuming system is applied to make sure that the rug is thoroughly cleaned.

Phase 6 - The drying process begins with a majority of the water removed from the rug, using industrial grade - air movers

Phase 7 - In the final drying phase, the rugs are hung in a closed room for 7 days to return the rug to its original beautiful look and have it ready to be set out again for use.

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